Meet the Duo



Coming from a family of athletes, sports have been an essential part of my being since birth. I am currently a student-athlete on the Track and Field team at Harvard University specializing in the decathlon (fun fact: I share a birthday with Ashton Eaton).

Although I compete on the track, basketball has always been my passion. A Philadelphia native, I remember being captivated by the play of Allen Iverson during my early years. On August 10, 2012 everything changed. Andrew Bynum was traded to the 76ers in a massive deal that really didn’t work out as expected for anyone involved. The unintended consequences however were major.

As a result of the failure that was the Bynum trade, the Sam Hinkie era began in Philadelphia – an era known by many as “The Process.”

This is when I turned from fan to fanatic. The Process forced Philadelphia fans to learn about all facets of the game and of team building with a focus on the little bits that normally get ignored. The emphasis of it all? The NBA Draft with a analytics edge.

Thus my love of the draft was born, and the rest is history.



Ever since I was escorted out of Game 3 of the 2001 NBA Finals because the fireworks scared me (PSA: don’t bring a three-year-old to a Finals game), I was hooked on basketball.

Like Jacob, I grew up in Philadelphia near the end of the Iverson era, resulting in countless arguments with my dad about Iverson’s Hall of Fame merits. As far as I know, neither of us has caved in yet, but I’m still waiting.

Along with a love of basketball, I quickly grew a passion for writing. Starting in 2013, I wrote for and, two places and groups of people I can’t thank enough for getting me started. I am continuing that passion at the University of Pennsylvania studying English.

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